Ney Springs and Faery falls


Activity: Day Hike, Scenic View

Distance: 1.5 miles, 250’ elevation change, > 1 hour duration, rated Easy

The whole area around Mount Shasta is teeming with splendid experiences. Mount Shasta itself has a spiritual vibe that is quite strong and has been drawing people to it since the early Native Americans, whom continue to regard this area as sacred.

I have to say that with whimsical names like Ney Springs and Faery Falls you fully expect it to be both charming and magical and it does not disappoint. What an enchanting little falls. Waterfalls are always special and this quiet place filled only with the rushing, cascading sound of a liquid symphony fills you senses. The warm summer air, the cool mist, the chilled water, the fresh earthy smell, the sublime vision, the music of the water flow is enough to leave you spellbound.

This is an short, easy hike which almost puts it more in the category of sight seeing rather than hiking. However, the area is fantastic, and the woods are very nice. There are some road signs directing you to the falls which is near Lake Siskiyou, but once you get close it is a bit tricky because there is nothing to tell what you should do once you find the little pull out on the dirt road, which by the way would not fit too many cars if it was busy. I was thrown off and ended up walking around for a bit and finally had to ask someone. I had mistakenly thought that I should follow the sound of the rushing stream, which was to the left, but the trail you want is going up to the right. Once you are on the trail there will be a path going down to Ney Springs which isn’t much, but it is interesting. It leaves you pondering what exactly is the story behind it. Then not much farther up the trail you will first hear the falls, and then start to get teasing glimpses of the tumbling water. There is a little path heading down to this place of wonder. A nice little adventure to recharge the batteries when pursuing balance from a perplexing and complicated world.

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All that is left, which the forest hasn’t reclaimed, from the Ney Springs Resort of the late 1800’s are a few steps, a fountain on a wall and a cistern where the Ney Spring water was channeled. The Ney Springs Resort was a health and wellness destination valuing the highest silica content in it’s mineral water known to occur in natural ground water.

“There is no better place to find yourself then sitting by a waterfall and listening to it’s music

Places like Ney Springs and Faery Falls in the great Siskiyou are filled with enchantment and wonder. Thanks for joining me on this quick jaunt into this bewitching location. Got Adventure? Tell me about some of your favorite hikes. In exchange for this value I offer up the Pursuing Balance Through Adventure Menu above for spots all over the West, (each is an independent site and thus needs to be FOLLOWED separately), and stay tuned because there just might be some more fascinating falls in this blog‘s near future along with a Lake so amazing I can hardly wait to get back there. So FOLLOW, LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE. See the cap in the drawing? Go to SHOP APPAREL and you can not only have a cool, top quality PBTA logo hat, but help support this blog, which believe me needs supporting, lol.

Happy Trails-

Roger Jenkins

Pursuing Balance Through Adventure

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