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McCloud WaterFalls Trail



Activity: Day Hike, chasing waterfalls

Distance :4 miles, elevation gain: 350’, 90 minutes duration, rated Easy

Date: June 25, 2020

This out and back Easy hike has the extra bonus of not one, not just two, but listen to this, three beautiful waterfalls in the Mount Shasta area. The trails winds along the McCloud River at the southern base of Mount Shasta. That whole Siskiyou County is a very special place. The McCloud Waterfalls Trail is a beautiful trail through spectacular woods just off of the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway (Hwy 89).

You could actually drive to a scenic overlook of each of the wonderful falls, but why in the heck would you do that if you can hike it, for goodness sake!?

Chasing Waterfalls in the Siskiyou in the shadow of magnificent Mount Shasta, that is ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’. Waterfalls just tug at your heart strings like few things can. The music of the cascading water as it takes the plunge and crashes over the rocks below beckons throughout the forest, as you breath in the pine scent and drink in all the sights, sounds and the experience.

I started out at a parking area at the McCloud Lower Falls. This area is popular because it makes a great swimming and cliff jumping area. The next falls along the trail is the McCloud Middle Falls. The waterfall is 44’ high and has the distinction of being the widest in California at 120’ across.

There is a campground along the trail, Fowlers Campground and the folks there looked very content with the hiking, swimming, and just relaxing. This isn’t the first encampment there as a one time in the past there were cottages and a historic hotel. Besides that you can trace back to native peoples using the area for hunting and fishing for a couple thousand years.

The third falls is Upper McCloud Falls. There are other waterfalls in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest area, but to have three falls right together and with the amount of water tumbling over them from the McCloud River makes this a must see. I added a little to my hike as I wanted to see the view from above and climbed the trail each time to the observation area above. I also went a little past the trail along the river which was also quite nice.

Still pictures alone don’t cut. You have to have video of waterfalls.

Lower McCloud Falls is popular with swimmers and cliff jumpers.
McCloud Middle Falls
Upper McCloud Falls
McCloud Falls is on the southern base of Mt Shasta

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Happy Trails-

Roger Jenkins

Pursuing Balance Through Adventure

Burney Falls


Activity: Scenic Views, Nature Walk

Date: June 2, 2020

Distance 1 1/4 mile, 157’ elevation change, 1 hour duration, rated Easy

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by not only this falls, but the Nature Walk. I was traveling from backpacking Lassen National Park, 40 miles away, and I had just spent time at the Subway Cave. I had a lot of miles to drive on my way to adventures in Oregon, so I was a little put off that it was going to cost $10 when I really just wanted to take a quick look at the falls and then hit the road.

But… I was really taken aback by the beauty of Burney Falls, a magical place indeed, worth every penny, and I throughly enjoyed my time there. Once I laid eyes on the falls I could see why many say this is the most exquisite falls in California. Burney Falls is really different then other falls. It has two main streams with shards of water falling 129’ through space, but what sets it apart is the surround curtain of water cascading to the limpid pool below. Teddy Roosevelt dubbed Burney Falls the 8th Wonder of the World when he first saw it. What is unique is that curtain of water. The additional water is permeating through the porous rock and trickling down out of the cliff walls about a third of the way down and not from over the top like the two heavy streams.

Instead of the few minutes glance over the side that I had planned, I immersed myself in the Burney Falls Loop Trail, which is really more of a Nature Walk, but it is a pleasant stroll along the rushing stream with a heavy growth of firs, deciduous trees, wild flowers and pee-a-boo views of the falls along the way. I would recommend taking the trail clockwise for the best views as you get closer to the falls. When I was there they were doing maintenance on the bridge above the falls, so I was turned back, and I basically had to do the whole trail twice, but no complains here as it is quite enjoyable.

Make sure you checkout the video water falling is mesmerizing.

“Come away, o human child, to the waters, and the wild with a fairy hand in hand, for the world is more full of weeping than you can understand” – William Butler Yates

You never know when you might find yourself “Pursuing Balance Through Adventure“, I thought I was going to take a quick glance and instead found myself seeking that balance that we are all striving for. What better place to enjoy a moment, take a breath, and just drink it all in. What in nature is more wondrous then a gorgeous waterfall? You just become transfixed watching the water tumbling, and falling through space that you lose track of time. Thanks for joining me at Burney Falls, more to come for “Pursuing Balance Through Adventure“ – NoCal Hiking so give a quick COMMENT, LIKE, FOLLOW, and SHARE. While you are at it go to the menu above and checkout where I went after I left NoCal, (which was the Pacific Northwest) each of the locations is a separate website and thus needs to be FOLLOWED independently. Need a high performance, moisture wicking shirt for your adventure? Checkout SHOP APPAREL.

Happy Trails,

Roger Jenkins

Pursuing Balance Through Adventure